Thursday, August 31, 2006

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Once again this morning, Allistair Begg got me thinking. On his radio program, Truth for Life, he noted that many groups with differing theology often attempt to unite in support of a good cause, or in objection to an immoral cultural view.

For example, Begg pointed out that Muslims and Christians are "united" in their pro-life, anti-abortion stance. But this unity is only surface-level. And since it is only surface-level (based on issues of morality - symptoms - rather than on issues of theology - the disease), Begg suggests that our so-called unity is a myth, a warm and fuzzy feel-good sensation that makes us think we're on the right path. How often do we find ourselves treating the symptoms rather than fighting the disease?!

Modern Culture thinks, "If we unite to battle the symptoms (moral issues), we can overcome our division (theology)." But the opposite is true. That which divides (theology) can never be overcome by uniting to fight the symptoms (moral issues).

This is false:
United on issues of morality, we stand; divided on issues of morality, we fall.

This is true:
United in theology, we stand; divided in theology, we fall.

The ministry of Answers in Genesis is so good at realizing this. They don't fight the symptoms that we call humanism, abortion, homosexuality, moral relativism, etc. Instead they fight the theology. They fight evolution and support Biblical Creation. United in matters of theology, we stand. For God is able to make us stand (Romans 14:4).

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