Thursday, October 30, 2008

Elaorating on DC 101 - Week 9

The articles we're reading this week deal with understanding the Bible as you read through different genres. The first article by Clinton Arnold (How to Profit from Bible Prophecy...and Othter Types of Bible Literature) speaks of narrative, poetry, wisdom, parable, and prophecy. The second article, "Who is Wisdom in Proverbs 8?", by Leland Ryken, helps us apply what the first article teaches.

Moving on to the questions, 1a-c help us consider why God includes multiple genres in the Bible, especially prophecy, poetry, and wisdom literature. 2a-b focus on the role prophets, and 3a-c focus on prophecy itself. In question 4, we have an opportunity to write some poetry, Psalm 23 in our own words. Reading a book like Phillip Keller's "A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23" is especially helpful for understanding the context of David's life as he wrote this marvelous literary work. Questions 5a-b introduce us to wisdom literature in Ecclesiastes. And finally, question 6 poses perhaps an uncomfortable and maybe NC-17 rated question regarding a passage from the Song of Solomon.

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