Thursday, May 27, 2010

Predestination / Free Will (9)

First: Summarize the Five Points of Calvinism


T – Total Depravity - Man will not and cannot choose Christ unless God regenerates man. God regenerates only the elect. Salvation is offered to all; only the regenerate respond.

U – Unconditional Election - God’s choice to regenerate some and leave others in their sin was based on nothing good in man, and especially not foreseen faith, because none would have been
foreseen to believe. God elected some to maximize His pleasure and glory.

L – Limited Atonement - Christ died only for God’s elect, including all those who truly believe that Jesus Christ died as their Savior from sin. Christ did not die for unbelievers.

I – Irresistible Grace - God’s saving grace is guaranteed to be effective in its purpose to bring to
faith all of the elect.

P – Perseverance of the Saints - All of the elect are guaranteed to be saved, because God’s purpose cannot be thwarted. All who have saving faith will be preserved in that faith.

Second: Summarize the Five Articles of Arminian Remonstrance


According to Arminians: W – Will of Man is Free
According to Calvinists: D – Dead in Sin; Alive to Choose?
Man will not and cannot choose Christ unless God persuades or woos men with His grace. All men are persuaded or wooed equally, so all men have the opportunity to respond in faith.

According to Arminians: E – Election is Conditional
According to Calvinists: A – Abolition of True Grace
God’s choice is conditioned on man’s choice, as He foresees who will respond in faith to His persuasive, wooing offer of grace.

According to Arminians: E – Every Man is Redeemed
According to Calvinists: I – Impotent Savior
Christ died for all men, but only those who place their faith in His sacrifice will eternally benefit.

According to Arminians: D – Denial Confounds Grace
According to Calvinists: S – Sovereignty of the Sinner
God’s offer of saving grace can be rejected by man. God will not violate man’s free will.

According to Calvinists: S – Some Will Lose Salvation
According to Calvinists: Y – Yielding Eternal Uncertainty
Since man chooses to place his faith in Christ, he can also permanently withdraw his faith.

CONCLUSION: Where do you stand? Why? Any Questions?

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