Monday, June 14, 2010

New Theory on Life: Pyrophosphite!

From the title-linked article, scientists are still trying to solve the life-without-God dilemma. Here's a bit on the newest theory:

"An obscure compound known as pyrophosphite could have been a source of energy that allowed the first life on Earth to form, scientists now say.

"From the tiniest bacteria to the complex human body, all living beings require an energy-transporting molecule called ATP to survive. Often likened to a "rechargeable battery," ATP stores chemical energy in a form that can be used by organic matter.

"You need enzymes to make ATP, and you need ATP to make enzymes," said researcher Terence Kee of the University of Leeds in England. "The question is: Where did energy come from before either of these two things existed? We think that the answer may lie in simple molecules, such as pyrophosphate [sp], which is chemically very similar to ATP, but has the potential to transfer energy without enzymes."

This seems to be inline with the "panspermia" concept, especially since the article goes on to suggest this molecule came to earth riding on a meteorite. I'm sure Dawkins and his ilk would consent... How sad.

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