Monday, July 29, 2013

The Providence of God

"Believers should take great comfort in this truth."

"Providence comes into the English language from the Latin terms 'pro' and 'vide,' which mean 'see' and 'before,' respectively. Thus, providence refers in the first instance to what the Lord sees in advance. Such seeing beforehand is not merely temporal. Indeed,  God sees the end from the beginning, although this is not because He merely looks into the future but because He Himself has ordained it, even down to the exact length of our lifetimes (Psalm 39:4; Isaiah 46:8-10). But divine providence goes beyond the temporal to also encompass the spatial. Nothing in creation, no matter where it is, ever escapes God's view (Psalm 39:7-12)."

Tabletalk, August 2013, page 59

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