Wednesday, April 08, 2009

DC 202 Stewardship Project

Given our topics in this second half of DC 202 (evangelism, personal finance, biblical stewardship, and leadership), we want to give you the opportunity for a group project with real-world effects. Our DC group will be divided into two groups, and each group will be given some money ($2000 per group). I will bring the money on April 20 or 27. Your "task" will be to serve as an elder board and work together within your group to determine how best to use the money to advance the Kingdom of God. Here are the groups:

A) Brian, David, Matt, Greg, Dustin
B) Joel, Scott, Daren, Ron, Ivan

I know that you are busy outside of class, and I'm not sure when / how you will communicate on this project, but that's your responsibility as well. Perhaps you can elect a "chairman elder," but we want you to all be involved in this. For some examples, you can decide to distribute the money to each individual in your group ($400 / each) and use it in the name of Jesus to help those you know personally who are struggling. Or perhaps you can agree in your group that a particular parachurch ministry would be best to receive the lump sum. Or maybe you think Southeast will best handle the money and so you decide to give it all to our church. Or maybe you combine these efforts with smaller amounts. Be creative and work together on this.

Then, during the final week of 202 (leadership / May 4), or during the first or second week of 301 (May 11 or 18), each group will share with all of us what you decided to do with the money. Hopefully, there will be some important lessons learned about evangelism, finance, stewardship, and leadership, and more importantly, there will be some lives touched with the gospel, with blessings from God through your efforts.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. We'll talk more about it on April 20, but take the initiative to pray about this opportunity (it's not every day that you have $2000 to give away), make a list of some ideas that you have, contact each other in your group, and start talking about how to advance the Kingdom of God within the context of this project opportunity.

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